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Legends Carbcare Horsefeed from Southern States

Legends Carbcare Feeds

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are low carbohydrate formula feeds meeting the needs of horses who require a diet low in sugars and starches.

Legends CarbCare Performance
A pelleted/extruded feed for mature horses in moderate to intense performance and show activities.

Protein: 12%
Fat: 10%
Fiber: 18%

Legends CarbCare Senior
A pelleted/extruded feed for the special nutritional needs of older horses.

Protein: 14%
Fat: 7%
Fiber: 18%

Legends CarbCare Balancer Pellet
A pelleted feed for easy keepers, ponies and miniature horses.

Protein: 28%
Fat: 4%
Fiber: 12%

Legends CarbCare Show & Pleasure
A pelleted feed for mature horses in light to moderate performance, pleasure and show activities.

Protein: 12%
Fat: 6%
Fiber: 18%

EquiMin Horse Mineral

EquiMin Horse Mineral Block EquiMin Horse Mineral Block


  • Designed as a vitamin/mineral supplement for forage-only feeding programs and to balance the diets of horses fed non-fortified or small amounts of grain
  • Added biotin, yeast culture and organic minerals for increased nutrient digestion, enhanced immune response, and supports hoof and coat condition
  • Granular form won’t “brick” and block form won’t “melt” when exposed to rain or high humidity
  • Orange and fenugreek flavors added to increase palatability and encourage consistent consumption

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Legends Feeds are fortified with Kentucky Equine Research® (KER) micronutrients to meet your horse’s individual needs. For feeding advice or to create a custom ration using Legends Horse Feeds, visit Visit to subscribe to The Weekly Feed, an award-winning newsletter powered by KER. The Weekly Feed contains the latest in equine nutrition and health news, as well as updates and special offers directly from Legends Horse Feeds.

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